For 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th Graders

June 12th - 15th

We do not want you to miss this golden opportunity.  This year we are taking all of our 2nd - 5th Graders to Camp KidJam.

Space is limited.  Register today by clicking HERE.


Camp KidJam is a new concept in children’s camp designed not only for kids, but for their leaders. This year we are taking all of our 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Graders to the June 12th - 15th session being held at Lander University in Greenwood, SC. Camp KidJam is designed around the principles of 252 Basics, which teach children to grow in wisdom, faith and friendship. Camp KidJam is designed to provide a fun experience for kids, unique workshops to develop adult leaders, and to elevate the significance of Small Groups for children. Kids have never experienced a session of camp like this. We want ALL of our 2nd-5th Graders to attend.


In our Jam Sessions, we’re going to engage in high-energy Worship with some of the best children’s worship leaders around! Kids will experience awesome drama, and hear from a master Storyteller. We’ll also play some games and give kids a chance to win points for our team.


During Small Groups, kids and leaders dive into the Bible story that was shared earlier during the Jam Sessions through activities and discussion questions. Small Groups provide a time for kids to interact with each other and connect with leaders. Camp is a great springboard for building relationships between kids and leaders. And best of all, the Children's Ministry Staff get to be the ones leading the Small Groups. That means, Pinedale Kids are with Pinedale People for all the Small Groups. This allows us a unique opportunity to build a long lasting relationship with our Pinedale kids.

Location & Lodging

We will be going to the June 17th - 20th session being held at Lander University (320 Stanley Avenue, Greenwood, SC 29649). Lander University was founded in 1872, and has called Greenwood home for more than 100 years. Their beautiful 123-acre campus offers a blend of traditional and contemporary.

Not only do kids get to enjoy Camp KidJam on a college campus, they also get to stay in the college dorms. Because it is summer, only those attending Camp KidJam will be onsite. Boy campers get to share 1 room per 2 kids. They get their own dorm room, complete with their own bathroom. Boys get to pick who their dorm roommate will be. Girl campers stay in a 4 bedroom suite. Each girl has their own room that opens up to a common area shared with 3 other girls. Girls can pick who one of their suite roommates will be. All the Pinedale kids will be in adjacent private suites in gender separated dorms.

Cost & Expenses

The registration cost covers the following: Transportation from Pinedale to the college. 4 Lunches, 3 Breakfasts, 3 Dinners, 6 Snacks. Lodging in a college dormitory for 3 nights. A CKJ T-shirt. Basic activity fees. Small Group supplies and activities. Swimming, recreation, and intramural sports. Transportation from the college back to Pinedale.

The full price cost of Camp KidJam is $280. We recognize that this may be out of reach for some families. But Pinedale really wants to see kids have the opportunity to attend Camp KidJam. So Pinedale offers a SCHOLARSHIP to help cover part of the registration cost. We ask parents to pay as much as they can (hopefully 100%), but for some, they may not have the means to make this happen. For those who could use a little help paying for their child’s registration, we offer a scholarship. Pinedale will scholarship up to half ($140) of the registration fee. Parents can take advantage of this Scholarship simply by writing that amount in the Scholarship Field below.

DEPOSIT - At the time of registration, you must pay a minimum of $50. The remaining balance is due by Mothers Day (May 13th).

Do kids need "Canteen Cards"? NO. Unlike years past, Camp KidJam provides kids with all their meals and additional snacks. So there is no need to purchase Canteen Cards. This helps eliminate extra things kids have to keep up with. Yea!

The registration cost covers every single need of the kids. However, it does not cover the cost of souvenirs or items kids want to purchase at the camp store. We do not encourage kids to spend money at the store. However, some kids may want to bring cash with them to go shopping. But let us emphasize, this is not necessary. The store has items like: drawstring backpacks, baseball caps, water bottles, CDs, T-shirts, and more. If parents choose to send extra money with their child, the CHILD is responsible for keeping up with their money.

CANCELATION POLICY - If you cancel before April 1st, you will receive a full refund minus the $50 deposit. After April 1st no refunds will be given. However, those funds may be transferred over to a NEW registration.


NOW is the time to register. To do so, click HERE.

The deadline to register is April 1st (Easter Sunday). However, this session of Camp KidJam always sells out. Pinedale has pre-purchased 70 tickets. We will sell out. Once those "tickets" are sold, registration is cut off.

The deadline to have your balance paid is May 13th (Mother's Day).

Camp Kid Jam is held June 12th - 15th. We will leave Pinedale around breakfast time on Tuesday, June 12th. And return around dinner time on Friday, June 15th. Complete travel details will be provided at the end of May.