Parent & child dedication

At Pinedale, we recognize the importance of families and the value of children.

Every January, we invite families with babies born in the previous year to participate in Parent & Child Dedication.  This memorable service recognizes each child as a gift from God, and offers parents an opportunity to commit with other parents in raising Christ-centered kids.  Our Elders participate in the service by praying for God's blessing on each child and family. Additionally, this special service makes public the church's commitment to each family, and the family's commitment to the church.  

The process

  • Complete the Registration Form.  (Forms are available at Children's Welcome Center or by clicking HERE.)
  • Provide 15-20 photos of the baby and family.  (Photos may be emailed.) 
  • Deadline to submit Registration Form & Photos is January 3, 2018.  
  • Late registrations will NOT be accepted.  
  • Listen to the Parenting Talks and complete the Homework Cards. 
  • Attend Parent Orientation (on 1.14.18).
  • Parent & Child Dedication Sunday (on 1.21.18).

2018 Parent & Child Dedication (for babies born in 2017) will be on 1.21.18 during the 10:45 Worship Service.  

Registration deadline is 1/3/18.  Late registrations will not be accepted.  

Click HERE to see a video of the families who participated in

2017 Parent & Child Dedication.

keepsake card

Parent & Child Dedication at Pinedale does not involve baptism.  We believe that baptism is meant to take place at a time when an individual makes a personal decision to follow Christ and is old enough to repent of his or her sin and confess Jesus publicly. 

On the Dedication day, we will give your family a special card.  We encourage you to put this card in your child's baby book or hope chest and save it until the day your child accepts Jesus as their Lord and Savior and is baptized.