Choir - final details

This Sunday, April 2nd, your child will be singing in the Preschool Choir. 

On Sunday Morning, we need you to check your child into InSync & drop them off in their regular Sunday Morning classroom by 9:15 a.m.

The Choir will sing at the end of the 9:15 Service and again near the beginning of the 10:45 Service.  Kids must sing for BOTH Services.

We'd like to ask for your help with a few things:

  1. As you are taking pics/videos, please be considerate of others and keep in mind that we are in a Worship Service.  Please keep all arms, legs, cameras, cell phones, tablets and other misc. body parts behind the black line on the floor.  
  2. Please don't stop by to check on your child.  If we need you, we'll page you. 
  3. After the Choir sings the 2nd time, we will take kids back to their rooms.  During this time, some of the hallways will be blocked off. Please do NOT go past the barricades, not even to get to the computer stations.  #patienceplease
  4. If you are not staying for 2nd Service, please wait until your child is back in their room and the hallways are back open, before you go to pick them up.  Do not try to take your child while they're in the hallway/traveling back to their classroom.

Thanks for allowing us to teach and minister to your kiddo.  Looking forward to a great day!  Questions, contact April