Our goal is to develop within each child the desire (heart) to find God in a personal way, and to help them grow (head) in their faith, and to challenge them to discover (hands) their ministry as they share (feet) His love to others.

With the kids we call this Heart, Head, Hands, Feet.  

Every class, program, special event and activity we do with kids at Pinedale will fall onto one of the “bases” in our purpose statement. 

We call this “Building The Whole Child.”  

If all you ever do is bring your kids to Sunday School, they will know a lot about God, but will they truly know how to expresses their love for Him, or will they know how to use their gifts and talents for Him?  Or, if a child only comes to RECESS, they’ll know how to have fun and play games and invite their friends to church, but will they will ever have the chance to learn more about God and the Bible?  One of our sayings we share with parents is “You don’t get credit for runners left on base.”   

We want to build the whole child and move them all the way around the bases. We encourage parents to have their kids involved in at least one activity/program that allows them to grow that “part of the body” or learn that purpose.