Security - Tag System

One of our highest priorities at Pinedale is the safety and security of your kids.

For this reason, we ask all parents to Check In their kids every time they attend.

For Elementary-aged kids, we use a Tag System. Parents of kids Kindergarten - 5th Grade must use the Tag System

to Check In their child prior to dropping them off in their classroom.

  • Tag Holder

    Each Elementary Classroom has a color coded tag holder that contains all of the Name Tags for the kids who are enrolled in that grade.  (To Enroll your child, click HERE.)  

    When you arrive at your child’s classroom, locate the slot with their name on it. Remove the 3 items in it.

  • Child's name tag

    Your child will have a personalized Name Tag with their name and picture on it.

    Clip your child’s Name Tag onto their shirt where it can be easily seen. 

  • COMPLETE Check In Card

    On the Check In Card, fill in your child’s name and Household Security Number. 

    Then write down where you will be located during the appropriate service time(s).

    (Note: If you will be attending a Sunday School Class or other Bible Study, please write down the ROOM NUMBER or the name of the class.)


    Turn the completed ChecK In Card into your child's teacher.

    Depending on the service/class, you will need to either physically hand it to the teacher or deposit it in the bin labeled with your Child's Grade.


    Lastly, take your child’s Security Card and keep it with you during class/service. 

    This card contains your child’s name, Household Security Number, and a list of adults who are authorized to pick up your child.  When service is over, return to your child’s classroom.  The Security Card must be presented to the teacher in order to pick up the child.  Your name must be on the “People Authorized To Pick-Up Child” list.


    Return to your child's classroom with the Parent Security Card.  Show the card to the teacher.  They will verify you are authorized to pick up, and will release your child.  

    The Parent Security Card and Child's Name Tag go back in their slot on the Tag Holder.


    If for any reason we need you during service or class time, we will look at the info you provided on your child’s Check In Card to know where to find you. 

    If you're in the Main Worship Center, we will page you by displaying your 3-digit Household Security Number on the Visual Pagers located on either side of the stage. If you see your Number displayed, come to the Children’s Welcome Center immediately. 

    If you are in a classroom, we will come directly to the room and get you.