In-sync security system

InSync is a state-of-the-art security system that uses photo ID and digital pagers that are capable of receiving text messages.

Parents of kids Birth - 5 Years Old must use InSync to Check-In their child prior to dropping them off in their classroom.

There are several Self-Serve Kiosks located throughout the Children’s Department.

  • checking in - step 1

    All of the InSync Kiosks are equipped with touch screen monitors.

    When you first arrive, touch the button that says, “Check In/Out.”

    Then press the “Child In” button.

  • find your family's account

    At the next screen, begin typing in your family’s last name.

    The screen will automatically jump to those names. 

    When your family’s name is highlighted, press the “Check In” button.

  • select adult doing the check in

    On the next screen, you will need to touch the picture of the parent or other adult doing the check in.  

  • select kids to check in

    After you've selected an adult's picture, kid pictures will appear.

    Touch the picture of the kid(s) you are checking in.

    Touch Next.

  • scan the pager to your household

    Pick up a pager and hold it next to the Proximity Reader.  

    The Reader will beep, indicating that the pager has been assigned to your family.  

  • where to keep the pager

    The pager is set to vibrate, so it needs to stay on your physical body. 

    There is a clip on the pager that will attach the pager to your waist or pocket.

    Don't clip the pager to your Bible or purse as this will make it difficult to feel the page.

  • receiving a page

    If for any reason we need you during service or class, we can send you a text message. Your pager is set to vibrate, so remember to keep it on your physical body at all times.

    When the pager vibrates, press the green button over and over to scroll through the message. You will never have to press any other buttons.

  • child sticker

    InSync will print a Name Tag Sticker for each child that has been checked in. 

    Place the sticker on your child’s back.

    This sticker provides our staff and volunteers with a quick reference of your child’s name, what classroom he/she belongs in, and any medical or special care instructions.

  • Check in slip

    InSync will also print a Check In Slip for each child that has been checked in.  Each slip has a picture of the child and a picture of the adult completing the Check In.

    Take your child’s Check In Slip with you to their classroom and leave it with the teacher.

  • Checking out - step 1

    When the service is over, return to one of the InSync Kiosks located in the Children’s Department.  (You do not have to Check Out at the same Kiosk you Checked In at.) 

    When you first arrive, touch the button that says, “Check In/Out.” 

    Then press the “Child Out” button.

  • Checking out - step 2

    Hold the pager close to the Proximity Reader. 

    The Reader will beep, and the system will pull up your family’s account.

    Touch the picture of the adult doing the check out.

    Touch the picture of the kid(s) you are checking out. 

    Then touch Next.

  • return pager

    On the final screen, press the “Finish” button.

    This will check your child(ren) out of InSync.

    At this time, please return your pager to the pager box located at the Kiosk.

  • take check out slip to classroom

    InSync will print a Check Out Slip for each child that has been checked out.

    Take your child’s Check Out Slip with you to their classroom and give it to the teacher. 

    They will then release the child to your care.