We believe that the Gospel not only changes us but also motivates us to desire change in others.  Pinedale Children's Ministry is not a daycare service, but a training ground for kids to grow up learning to follow Christ.  We desire for you to be a part of investing in kids through serving in the Children's Ministry: both for the growth of the kids and yourself.  As you help uncover the Gospel with the kids and build relationships with them, you will not only see them grow in Christ, but you will find yourself growing too.

We invite all to consider volunteering in the Children’s Ministry.  We do have some restrictions on who is eligible, and some requirements that must be met before anyone can begin serving.    

  • You must be a believer and follower of Jesus Christ. 
  • We do not require you to be a member of Pinedale, but you must be an active attender at Pinedale. 
  • You must be at least 14 years of age.
  • Volunteers between 14-18 years of age are considered Junior Volunteers, and have additional restrictions.
  • Click HERE to see why we refer to our Volunteers as Door Holders.  

Before any volunteer is placed in a position, they must complete all the Steps of the Screening Process, including a background and reference check. It's not our intent to overwhelm prospective volunteers. It is our desire to provide the best care & protection for our kids. Our screening process brings our parents reassurance and confidence that their kids are receiving quality care & teaching while they’re at Pinedale.